1. Midnight Cometh
    Wo Fat

  2. Action O'clock! EP
    White Dynomite

  3. Albino Rhino

  4. Haze Daze 4/20 EP

  5. Cosmosis
    Red Wizard

  6. The Haunting
    Desert Suns

  7. Second Coming of Heavy: Chapter Two Supervoid/Red Desert
    Supervoid/ Red Desert

  8. Tides of War
    Red Wizard

  9. Desert Suns
    Desert Suns

  10. Live Over Freak Valley

  11. Your Inner Lemmy
    Devil to Pay

  12. Rocket Science

  13. Blackwülf - Oblivion Cycle

  14. Backwater
    Chron Goblin

  15. The Sunset Soundhouse Tapes
    Sonic Medusa

  16. Talismana
    Sweat Lodge

  17. Second Coming of Heavy Chapter One - Geezer/Borracho

  18. This Seed We Have Sown
    Doctor Doom

  19. Ripple Music - 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

  20. Live At Freak Valley
    Ape Machine

  21. Mondo Satan
    Space Probe Taurus

  22. Switchblade Jesus
    Switchblade Jesus

  23. Acid Acetate Excursion/Rape Of The Titan's Sirens
    JPT Scare Band

  24. C.F.A. Outsourced - A Vocalist Experiment

  25. Gage

  26. Cry Of The Ocean

  27. Mothership II

  28. White Dynomite
    White Dynomite

  29. Weed Is Weed
    Weed is Weed

  30. The Return Of The Bearded Brethren

  31. Long In The Tooth
    Volume IV

  32. U.S. Rock

  33. Live In Japan
    Leaf Hound

  34. Earthen Grave
    Earthen Grave

  35. Songs Of Iron
    Trucker Diablo

  36. Mangled By The Machine
    Ape Machine

  37. Fate Is Your Muse
    Devil To Pay

  38. Mothership

  39. Nomads
    Mos Generator

  40. Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God

  41. Of Losing Interest

  42. Legalize Tre Bags
    Mighty High

  43. Stone Axe: Captured Live! Roadburn Festival 2011
    Stone Axe

  44. Stone Axe - II (Deluxe)
    Stone Axe

  45. The Devil Rhythm
    Trucker Diablo

  46. Mos Generator - 10th Anniversary Edition
    Mos Generator

  47. A Different Game
    Iron Claw

  48. Grifter

  49. Stone Axe - I (Deluxe)
    Stone Axe

  50. Let Me In

  51. Refuge
    Modern Day Moonshine

  52. Trails Out Of Gloom

  53. Acid Blues Is The White Man's Burden
    JPT Scare Band

  54. Smoking Gun E.P.

  55. 1st Anniversary Ripple Music Sampler

  56. Blind Justice Demo - '92
    Blind Justice

  57. Death Is Another Word . . .
    Earthen Grave

  58. Mangled By The Machine
    Ape Machine

  59. Art of Fools (Lurking Fear)
    Blind Justice


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